Heddington, Wiltshire

Heddington is the small village, located in southwestern England, from which my title of

Katharine, Lady Heddington is derived.

This quiet village in northern Wiltshire is surrounded by rolling countryside and farmlands.

This page is dedicated to Heddington. Enjoy your tour through this picturesque

English village.

Heddington church - St. Andrew's

Heddington's Pub - The Ivy Inn

Beer and ale is served directly from the keg

in this cozy pub.

Old Heddington Toll House

In July, Heddington hosts a steam rally,

featuring antique trains.

An old mill on the outskirts of Heddington.

Heddington Manor, A Bed & Breakfast

A most unlikely feature of Heddington village is the presence of a Buddhist temple and meditation center.

The temple has the use of an old Heddington building, known as the Splatt House (R).

Temple Gardens

Buddhist Temple

Countryside Around Heddington Village