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London Bridge

 ** The castle pictured on header is Rhuddlan Castle, in Wales. 

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Please enjoy the music as you peruse my pages!  

My web pages are set up in a similar way to my genealogy website, in that I have a home page, followed by several pages representing rooms that would be found in a castle, and finally the castle gardens. For my other website (click link above), I featured Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland as my "home". On this site you will see Rhuddlan Castle in Wales on the header of each page. While the interior rooms which I will showcase here are from various castles around Britain, they represent typical rooms which would have been  found in a British castle during the late medieval/early renaissance period. I love all English history, but my favorite time period would be from about 1300 to 1600. Most of the information I will deal with here will be from this era.

Map/Shires of England

 I am an admitted anglophile, so my pages will all include information and/or photos of beautiful England and her fascinating history and culture. On this home page are two maps, the first showing all the counties, or shires, of England. The map below illustrates all the major English cities.

My own family tree hails from Scotland and Somerset, in southwestern England. The two branches of my
family featured on my other website originated in Edinburgh, Scotland and in Queen Camel, Somerset (the Thachers). Queen Camel is a small village, which would be slightly south and east of Taunton on the map below.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London

Map/English Cities                                                                    

  Been playing around with a program that lets you design your own crest.
Here's what I came up with, just as a preliminary idea:

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 In addition to my historical musings and some interesting  information about English castles, these pages will include some personal aspects. A page of my favorite poetry (in the Great Hall)
is one example.

There is also a page about the village of Heddington, in Wiltshire, 
of which I am Lady of the Manor! (a title I acquired for my 50th 

The final page on this website will depart from the British theme to honor my mysterious Spanish ancestry, indicated by dna testing, which adds the spice of Spanish blood to my French and British lines. 


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